Start Your Journey to Pain Free Living
Modern Society has taken a body created to move and trapped it in a sedentary lifestyle. 
Even for those who do not struggle with chronic pain, the average lifestyle is setting the stage for that "Big Event." Whether you deal with daily pain, or the occasional backache, Pain is Common, but it is Not Normal. Move Past Pain will give you the tools you need to keep your body moving pain free today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


14-Day Pain Relief Training Includes:

  • Concept, technique, and skill videos
  • Supportive nutrients
  • Daily education
  • Exercise plans
  • Baseline fitness tests
  • Weekly Group Support
  • Facebook Community 
  • Daily wellness plan
  • Guided health journal

Is this right for you?

Do you have knots or kinks preventing you from enjoying life? Get your body moving without the physical limitations. Help your body feel better, maintain optimal energy levels and improve your flexibility. Learn about your body's basic foundational needs for pain free living. Find your baseline and follow a clear path to recovery with Diane's self-assessment tests. Improve stability at any level and trust your body once again. You will have better sleep almost instantly after a few short applied techniques. Find the root of your pain and move past it. Erasing your own pain brings back confidence and relieves stress.

Follow Diane, an exercise therapist, in guided muscle re-education to target your specific area of stress. Watch videos at home, in the office, or any environment needed. Take out the kinks to erase muscle tension. Develop the techniques to prevent future pain in just 14 days. This lifestyle approach empowers you to re-educate your muscles. Train at your own pace.This course also includes research based smoothie recipes designed to reduce inflamation and tame your pain.

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Diane Mercina

This course is taught by Diane Mercina. She has 33 years of professional experience with relieving pain through myotherapy. After watching her Mom use Myotherapy to eliminate years of chronic pain, Diane started her journey in the army before finishing her bachelors at Cal State Long Beach where she recieved a degree in Physical Education based on kinesiology.

Diane was certified in myotherapy and works as a muscle therapist in the heart of Long Beach California
"Sharing my pain free lifestyle skills with others makes my day!"
-Diane Mercina

Why This Pain Relief Program?

Diane is an experienced and dedicated healer committed to your lifelong success!

Information courtesy of Diane Dahi