Functional Fitness Assessment

Improve Your Structural Health:

If you want a more in-depth approach, attend the 1.5-hour Foundational Fitness Assessment, where Diane will help you identify your weaknesses and teach you how to get your body foundationally aligned so you can set your set up for a pain-free and active lifestyle!

Diane will give you the tools so you can monitor your progress on your own and measure your progress!  

You can make big changes in your flexibility, mobility, and discomfort 
in as little as a few weeks!

additions class
Only $147 
(total value $1497) 

Healthy Aging 

Align your Body and Mind to Age Confidently

Are you feeling...

Burnt out
Low energy
Chronic aches and pains
You’re not alone anymore!

Time for Change!

No more FOMO - fear of missing out
Improve your Relationships
Reset your Body and Mind
Tackle those Retirement Plans
Deal with the Financial worries once and for all!

It’s a new day and time for an energy reset and a new attitude!

If you have entered the second half of your life and you don’t want to have regrets

And You're Ready to Feel Amazing!

We will work on the following and much more to align your body and mind to feel your best!

Finding our passions
Having a balanced life
Using your body as a guide
Fitness and Exercise - easy to implement throughout the day

Ready to live pain-free

6-Week Self-Directed Course
- This course can be completed on your own time -

This groundbreaking course will help you re-align your body 
so you can stand tall and move with confidence!

You will improve core strength, flexibility, and overall mobility.

Have peace of mind and hope for your healthy, active future...

Let the fun begin!

Aging doesn't have to be scary, you can age confidently 
and feel like the best years are ahead of you!

What you get with your 6-week program:

 6-Week Online Course*

 Access to a large video library*

 Accountability and Coaching Texting for the first 6-weeks

3 Online Classes

* The 6-week Online Course will be accessed through the Foundation Training Website.  You will receive a free 10-day trial and pay $15.00 monthly until you decide to cancel that subscription. 

Valued at $997 
yet you only pay