4 Myths Why Weight Training is Holding You Back
The first myth is that you may subconsciously be thinking, "I can’t work out yet because I’m not with my weights or at the gym".

Many of us think that we have to have certain equipment, a certain space, and a certain level of energy in order to start working out. In many cases this is one of your excuses that put off exercising because you believe you need to have it look a certain way.
There was a time when being active was part of every day living.  We would work on farms, we would do chores, we would walk back-and-forth to school and sometimes to work, we would play outdoors for our fun.
Now due to the secondary lifestyle and our current situation of needing to stay at home many people are left with needing a creative way to stay healthy.
Overcome your excuse. Make your body the only requirement forworking out. Change your attitude and decide that you want to be healthy. You can do it in every single moment.
You can use your surroundings as workout equipment. Start correcting your posture throughout the day. With a quick two seconds you can make a meaningful adjustment. While you’re waiting for the microwave to make your food do a couple of incline push-ups on the kitchen counter. Get Creative. It might feel silly at first and that is okay. Own the change you want to be.

The second myth is that weight training is boring.
Anything can be boring and anything can be exciting it all depends on your attidue. How you decide to look at exercise will most likely determine your level of success. 
There is so much to learn about weight training and so much health that your body will receive when you constantly challenge your muscles to grow. Using weights can be interesting by changing your routine. There are so many different ways to use weights. Changing your routine is inevitable. The only way weights will really be effective is if you change it up and making it filled with challenge and variety. So scratch that idea of weights being boring and decide to see the importance of variety.

The third myth is how weight training is hard and hurts my body.
Weight training is difficult without a good point of origin. Here are some tips to start weight training successfully. First create a plan as to how many times you’re going to weight train during the week. Start off with light weights you only want to seal the challenge of the week in the last two or three reps. Understand proper forms and learn how to move properly first so that when you actually add the weight to your program you’re not triggering injuries and causing problems.

For safer and more powerful movement form and improved posture try foundation training.

The fourth myth is that weight training only builds bulk.
This one seems like an old mess. It surprises me that some people discard adding weight training to their exercise plan these days. The fact is that you do not need to gain bulk when weight training. One simply needs to use lower weights and do more reps to keep toned and strong. For those who want to add bulk, work up to higher weights and less reps over a planned time. Prevent injuries at all costs. Avoiding weight training is stopping you from maintaining a strong body that allows you to do the cardio exercises in active life that you ultimately want to enjoy in your day.

Weight training is one very important part of an student's overall program. Weight training helps to maintain proper standing and sitting all day. Weight training is simply that activity that will continue to challenge your body so that it continues to support you and you can stay well. Keep your body balanced so that you may maintain a comfortable position.

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